(I'm not a musician.) I was taught as a child that I must not 'blow my own trumpet' as in talking about myself – especially not to say anything good about myself. I was also taught that much of what I could say about myself was nonsense and I needn't expect anyone to believe it. If I myself believed it, I must be insane. If not, I was obviously a liar. Telling my story, therefore, became a very confronting task. I am now in my late seventies, as I begin this blog, and it is only a preparation – things I write on the way to writing the memoir. Nevertheless, everything posted here is copyright and must not be reproduced without written permission from the author (usually me).

Thursday, 2 February 2017

The High Priestess

A new mentor

In the Tarot, the Fool is the human soul on its journey through life, from childhood on. The Empress and Emperor represent the child's earthly mother and father: guides and guardians in all practical matters. The Magician and High Priestess are the spiritual parents, or spiritual mentors. In the beginning most parents fulfil both roles; but then we may experience other spiritual births during a lifetime, with new spiritual guides / guardians showing up as special people who come into our lives.

As I related previously, I had an actual Magician, Ridge, as a mentor, opening the door to what (it would one day become clear) was my personal spiritual path. After he left my life, my High Priestess appeared – although not immediately recognisable in that guise. 

I met Jenette in 1985, in a personal development course called The Forum which we were both enrolled in. (Far from being parental, she was near my own age.) The Forum itself was an important part of my development, opening me up to the perception of life as full of possibility, and to the creative power of our own choices. 

Jenette and I did some of the same follow-up courses too, and started to socialise in a group with several of the other participants. She was a good friend. I particularly remember her, later on after I broke a leg, driving a long way to bring practical assistance such as a long extension cord for the phone (it was before the days of mobile or even cordless phones).

I had begun playing with oracles such as the Runes, and used to carry them with me and try them out on my friends – much the same way as, in my first year of High School, at night I used to study a book on palmistry that someone had given Mum, then next day read all my friends' palms during recess. I was training myself with the help of these willing guinea-pigs.

Jenette was not well-acquainted with oracles then, but was fascinated and sought my counsel often in order to learn more about such phenomena – and, like everyone, in the hope of receiving insights into herself and guidance about her direction.  She once told me she wondered if she might have spirit guides, but if so she was not aware of them. I assured her she must have them. Everybody did, I told her confidently. I think in truth I knew very little more about the matter than she did.

She didn't know how to open up to that aspect of life, and I didn't know how to help her. However in a surprisingly short time she had a dramatic spiritual awakening. It probably seemed a long time to her. She told me that she knew you were supposed to meditate, so that's what she did – and absolutely nothing happened. She persevered and still a whole lot of nothing happened. I think I would have given up!

But she didn't, and eventually some kind of door opened. Then all sorts of things happened, as her 'clair' senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognisance) awakened. That's her story to tell, not mine. Suffice to say that, like so many of us who have that kind of experience, she went through a stage of wondering if she was crazy, then finally surrendered to and accepted her new reality – after which her development accelerated. It became very clear that she did indeed have guides, extremely active ones.

The Andronicus Foundation

She was led to join The Andronicus Foundation, a network of meditation groups. This was formed after a group of Melbourne educators decided to research various channels and psychic mediums to see if there was any truth in their claims. They were convinced pretty quickly when the same beings spoke to them through different people around the country – and not beings that might have been expected, or faked, such as archangels. 

I don't know if the beings they encountered identified themselves as 'higher intelligences' or the educators named them that, but it was what they came to be known as. They were spirits who'd had lives on earth. The main one, who introduced himself as Andronicus, they thought was probably the ancient philosopher, Andronicus of Rhodes. Others did not have famous names, but all were clearly wise and benign. 

Jenette and her husband formed a new meditation group to invite communication with higher intelligences, and asked some friends including me to be part of it. That was the start of six years of extraordinary learning for all of us, being 'trained by Spirit' as we put it. Jenette, who had never done anything like it before, proved to be a very clear channel. Her daughter Kerry, who joined the group some time later, turned out to be another. 

It was not what is known as 'full body channelling' where the person's consciousness totally vacates their body and someone else comes in and speaks through it. Jenette said it felt as if she was the armchair and someone came and sat in her. There was a time-lapse between hearing the message in her head and 'putting it on loudspeaker'. She asked her guides for it to be this way. She wanted to monitor what came through her rather than let in just anything that turned up. We also set up safeguards to allow communication only with beings aligned with unconditional love.

Even those of us who didn't channel received messages and visions. After meditating we shared these with each other. They were individual, subjective experiences but with much overlap of theme and content. To take one very simple instance, on one occasion we all got the giggles before the meditation began; then were told that this had been engineered to lighten us up. Our collective energy had been too heavy for easy communication. 

In the end all of us became able to act as channels, and sometimes did. It took me ages; I found it very confronting. At first I didn't even receive messages. I had suppressed that kind of 'hearing' so hard for so long (since childhood) that the suppressive mechanism took some undoing. Gradually I became aware of messages coming towards me through the ether, then my mind would swat them away, in instantaneous reflex, before they could actually enter my consciousness. I realised I must have been doing that all my life. (What energy and effort it must have taken, albeit on unconscious levels!) I had to learn to breathe, relax, and let the messages in. It wasn't easy and it wasn't quick, but it did finally, gradually happen.

I’ve been doing it for years now, particularly in my own work as a psychic medium. I don't even withdraw enough to be an armchair. People don't always realise I’m channelling. It just sounds like me speaking with my own voice. But I have to keep speaking what I am getting, putting it on loudspeaker as Jenette used to say. Otherwise it stops. If I don't say what I’ve just ‘heard’, I don’t get the next bit.

As well as Andronicus and co, we were contacted by angelic beings, extra-terrestrials, and other spirits (some of whom had had lives on earth, some not). The communication was telepathic, and transcended language. That is, all the minds concerned seemed able to automatically translate the ideas into whatever language they personally used. 

The other Andronicus Foundation meditation groups reported similar experiences.

Mainly, these higher intelligences encouraged us to use our group energies to send love projections for healing and wellbeing to individuals in need, whether our personal friends or public figures – and to whole countries, and the whole planet. These beings added their own energies to ours for this purpose. 

In addition we received information we had not dreamed of, e.g. that some very advanced societies operate as group minds.

For the most part, we gathered, the ETs were far away; in fact had no need to come here in spaceships when they could mind-travel so well. I for one got the impression that some were not only geographically distant but inhabited other dimensions.

Our psychic abilities became heightened during those years, like muscles that are used. Also we were sometimes given specific training. For example, we were asked to spend one week walking around our houses with our eyes shut so as to discover that we could ‘see’ anyway. We did and we could, which was exciting – but I don’t know that I could now; I’ve never tried it since. It was a demonstration of what’s possible, I think, rather than a tool we had specific need for.

We were sometimes asked to send love projections that would take effect in the future, e.g. we were begged to send as much energy as we could to Japan. The beings asking this expressed great distress and compassion for what Japan would face in the future. We know now what they were anticipating, but this was decades before Fukushima and they didn’t go into detail at the time. I can only hope we may have helped alleviate some of the suffering. We'll never really know.

Our group stopped meeting when our individual lives went through such changes that it seemed we had reached a natural stopping-point. We felt it must be time to take our work, and all that we had learned, out into the world in different directions. (I, for one, started Reiki Master training.)

Jennette never wanted to be group leader; she saw it as all of us having equal input. However it was clear to the rest of us that she was the leader because of her innate wisdom, intelligence and commonsense, plus her ability to cut decisively through bullshit. She was spiritually daring, not hidebound by preconceptions or other people’s ideas. At the same time she could be bluntly down-to-earth and was beautifully practical. 

It was she who insisted at the outset that we set up safeguards so as not to bring through anything untrustworthy. And it was usually her insights which made the best sense of our often mind-blowing experiences. She was also the one who gave us direction – e.g for some time we produced the Andronicus Foundation's newsletter (with input from the other groups).

Completions Process

Alongside all this, Jenette privately developed a very efficient process for clearing emotional, psychic and spiritual blocks. It can also be used for past life regression and for removing entity attachments. It came partly from adapting some studies she had done, while much of it was given to her directly from Spirit. The love projections we practised in our meditation groups were an important part of it.

I became one of her guinea-pigs while she was developing it. I benefited greatly on the personal level as well as learning a lot more about the human psyche including my own, and about the other-dimensional Universe.

After some years I trained as a facilitator of the process. I've used it successfully with many people, often in conjunction with Reiki treatments or psychic readings as may be required, and often on its own. It has been invaluable, for myself as well as others.

Other, somewhat similar processes were developed by other people, e.g. Brandon Bays’s Journey process and Phyllis Krystal’s Cutting the Ties That Bind (some of which I have also experienced and even trained in). I still find that Jenette’s process addresses things very thoroughly and deeply. It is now being offered by her daughter Kerry via this website.

This process has had various labels over the years, trying to convey the most accurate description of something so comprehensive. Jenette and Kerry have now settled on Completions Process. That was always the original vision – to get people complete on whatever issue they present with, so they need not find themselves dealing with the same thing repeatedly.

The Master Game

Jenette was then inspired to create a 10-week course: personal development with a spiritual focus. 

A graduate of a number of personal development courses, at that time she was training the assistants on one of them. She took this on as voluntary, unpaid work, but told the Universe she wanted a new career out of it.  Not everyone liked her methods; she was taken to task for being 'too confronting' – and immediately realised that in future she only wanted to play with people who were willing to be 'too confronted'. So the Master Game was born.

Participants attended weekly group sessions and also had ongoing clearings via her process. It was powerful! (I know; I did it.) She didn't tolerate anyone playing small. Participation was by invitation, and she chose people whom she saw as anything but small – bigger than we saw ourselves, as a rule. We got a lot bigger under her tutelage! 

I also did the follow-up course, Master Connections. That was where I met my late third husband, Andrew – a happy side-effect! Twelve months later, Jennette helped us create our marriage ceremony. We had two of them. One was small and private, family only; and legal, conducted by a civil celebrant. The following day we had a huge shindig, with Jenette conducting a beautiful spiritual ceremony enhanced by her sense of theatre (she had been a drama teacher).

Andrew and I moved away from Melbourne after another year, but remained friends with Jenette and her family, reconnecting with them on visits to Melbourne. More than 20 years later, she's still someone I can always call on if necessary for help, advice, healing, whatever, and she'll do her best.

I should mention that she went on to study the colour healing system AuraSoma, became a practitioner and teacher, and for some time produced a newsletter for the Australian AuraSoma people. Again her work benefited me, as a sometime client.

Her interest in colour and her receptiveness to spiritual guidance combined to make her a talented artist late in life – what's known as an intuitive artist. Some of her first pictures were of her chief guides.

Not only has she been instrumental in my life in the ways I've described, she has also been a shining example of a strong, authentic, vital, loving woman. While we have never had a religious connection, so she is not my High Priestess in that strict sense, she does embody for me the Tarot High Priestess – a spiritual teacher in an informal, intuitive, rather than orthodox way; committed to speaking her truth regardless of how it may be received; and a passer-on of messages from the Unseen. I have learned a lot from her, not only in the projects we've engaged in together but also by simply being in conversation. Her sharp mind gets to the guts of things, while from her wise heart she shares her insights freely.

She tends to see herself as 'an ordinary suburban housewife' to whom extraordinary things have happened. It seems to me she has been very much at cause in her life.


  1. Dear Rosemary, I am so honoured by what you have said about me and I thank you deeply for allowing me to be your friend and contribute to your life. Heaps of love & Blessings beyond measure to you.

    1. Thank you for that – and for everything. It was about time I said it!

  2. Thank you Rosemary for writing out your experiences with your friend and mentor. It has awakened several new ideas to explore within the context of our present journey. You and I seem to intersect on several levels, at least our experiences can be seen on that level. I find that exciting and it has the affect of opening new avenues of thought and experience, similar to what you have expressed about you and Jenette. Thank you much for this current writing,


  3. What a wonderfully rich read this was. Rosemary, you have lived a most extraordinary life. How wonderful. I drank in every word of this. Your memoir is going to be a fascinating read, and I can't wait.

  4. Dear Rosemary Thanks so much for sharing....like a dream.

  5. Rosemary, thank you for sharing this friend, mentor. Also, I perceive your experiences as so exciting. You have opened yourself up to such a full spiritual adventure and learning. I enjoyed reading this.


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